Gravitational Wave Astronomy Postdoc at Montana State, Bozeman, USA

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Deadline:  2020-01-15

Location:  Bozeman, USA

The Department of Physics of Montana State University invites applications for a 3-year postdoctoral position in Gravitational Wave Astronomy with an emphasis on Bayesian Inference and AstroStatistics.

The successful candidate will work with Prof. Neil Cornish and his group in the eXtreme Gravity Institute ( at Montana State University. The eXtreme Gravity Institute (XGI) is composed of faculty members Neil Cornish, Bennett Link, Anne Lohfink, Amy Reines, Sachiko Tsuruta and David Nidever. The XGI hosts international workshops and summer schools on topics related to extreme gravity. The institute is also deeply involved in public outreach, formal and informal education.

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Members of the eXtreme Gravity Institute are leaders in the application of Bayesian Inference and machine learning to develop new tools for gravitational wave astronomy.
The position is NASA funded, with the goal of developing a comprehensive science analysis approach for the future Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA). Prof. Cornish is a member of the LISA, LIGO and NANOGrav collaborations, and opportunities will be available to conduct research across the gravitational wave spectrum.

Montana State University is located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Bozeman is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges, and is close to Yellowstone National Park. The area is renowned for outdoor activities such as alpine and cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting and camping. See for more details.