GRG Editor’s Choice: recent highlight articles

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In each volume of the journal General Relativity and Gravitation (GRG), a few papers are marked as “Editor’s Choice”. The primary criteria is original, high-quality research that is of wide interest within the community. These recent articles deserves special attention:

Shamik Banerjee,
“Symmetries of free massless particles and soft theorems”,
Gen Relativ Gravit (2019) 51: 128.

Pierre Martin-Dussaud,
“A primer of group theory for Loop Quantum Gravity and spin-foams”,
Gen Relativ Gravit (2019) 51: 110.

Guillaume Bossard and Severin Luest,
“Microstate geometries at a generic point in moduli space”,
Gen Relativ Gravit (2019) 51: 112.

Joan Garcia i Tormo and Marika Taylor,
“One point functions for black hole microstates”,
Gen Relativ Gravit (2019) 51: 89.

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Frank Schulz
Publishing Editor GRG