Postdoc position at APC on “Early-universe cosmological simulations”, Paris, France

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Deadline:  2018-12-15

Location:  Paris, France

POSTDOC POSITION at APC on “Opening new windows on the early universe with multi-messenger astronomy”

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research position at the “Astroparticule et Cosmologie (APC)” Institute in Paris, France. The appointment is for two-years (starting date fall 2020), in the context of the ANR-funded project “Opening new windows on the early universe with multi-messenger astronomy” in collaboration with Moscow and Novosibirsk Universities. In particular, the project focuses on four observables: cosmic magnetic fields, stochastic gravitational wave backgrounds, cosmic rays and dark matter in the form of primordial black holes.

The successful candidate (preferably less than 3 years after Ph.D.), will ideally have expertise on early-universe cosmological simulations, and will concentrate on studying the magnetic field and gravitational wave production at cosmological phase transitions, with the final aim of assessing their present-day observational signatures. She/He will join the APC theory group and work in close collaboration with Chiara Caprini, Andrii Neronov and Dmitri Semikoz (APC). The successful candidate will be able to join the LISA Consortium.

A Ph.D. in physics or astrophysics is required, and a demonstrated ability to carry out independent research is expected. The salary will depend on the candidate’s track record, following CNRS hiring rules. Enquiries about this position can be addressed to Dmitri Semikoz: dmitri.semikoz[AT]

Candidates may apply at: