Announcing release of COMPAS rapid binary population synthesis code

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Dear colleagues:

Team COMPAS (Compact Object Mergers: Population Astrophysics and Statistics, see ) is proud to announce the first public beta release of our rapid binary population synthesis code and suite of tools for statistical analysis and model selection. The code was initially developed to explore the formation of gravitational-wave sources through isolated massive stellar binary evolution (e.g. Stevenson et al., Nature Comm. 8 14906, 2017), but has since been expanded to explore Galactic double neutron stars and radio pulsars, X-ray binaries, luminous red novae, and other consequences of massive binary evolution.

The beta release code is available for download from . While all are free to use the code as described there, we particularly welcome users who wish to contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance and improve the code, ranging from better evolutionary models to more sophisticated emulation techniques. Please feel free to contact us at with any queries.

Best wishes,