BS/Master/PhD Programs in Physics, Famagusta, Cyprus

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Deadline:  2030-08-22

Location:  Famagusta, Cyprus

The department of Physics of Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta, Cyprus) offers BS and Master and PhD degrees in Physics. The objectives of the BS(Four-year)/MS(two-year)/PhD (four-year) programs in physics are, within a physics curriculum, to provide the students with knowledge of the advanced and modern physics.

The program develops mathematical, computational, and experimental methods used in a wide range of topics in physics, such as general relativity, quantum field theory, quantum gravity, statistical mechanics, string theory, quantum computation, biophysics, liquid crystal physics etc.

The graduate students will be integrated from the very beginning into the physics groups of the department, and are expected to write a master/PhD theses during the second/third year.

All the lectures will be given in English.

A limited number of scholarships & fellowships are available.
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