Special Session of the Chalonge-de Vega School

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Date:  2020-12-03  -  2020-12-03

Location:  Paris, France (in remote)

Special Session of the Chalonge-de Vega School
Thursday 3 december 2020
16:00 h France Time

Adam G. RIESS, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins U.
Nobel Prize of Physics,

Receives the Daniel Chalonge and the Hector de Vega Medals 2020

And deliver a Conference on: H0, Recent Results

Virtual (remote) Session

The Chalonge-de Vega School Medals 2020 are awarded to Adam G. Riess for his contribution to the discovery of dark energy, interpretation as a cosmological constant and for his continuous results on the Hubble constant.


Awarded Chalonge – de Vega School Medals:

1991: Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, Nobel prize of physics.
1992: Bruno Pontecorvo.
2006: George Smoot, Nobel prize of physics.
2007: C.Frenk
2008: Anthony Lasenby.
2008: Bernard Sadoulet, Fellow of the USA Acad. of Arts & Scs
2009: Peter Biermann.
2011: John Mather, Nobel prize of physics.
2012: Brian Schmidt, Nobel prize of physics.
2013: Gerard Gilmore: Fellow of the UK Royal Society.
2015: Hector J. de Vega.
2018: Nicholas Kaiser, Golden medal UK Royal Society.
2020: Adam G. Riess, Nobel prize of physics.

More information on the Chalonge and de Vega Medals: