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International School of Astrophysics Daniel Chalonge – Hector de Vega.

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New Deconfined Archives Chalonge de Vega Sanchez
(numerisation by Francois Sevre, CNRS IAP Sorbonne Universite’)
…the students become Lecturers, the Lecturers become Nobel prizes…
the impossible yesterday become the standard today…

– Film of the 1991 Chalonge School: First Course on Astrofundamental Physics inaugurated by Nobel prize of Physics S. Chandrasekhar (CNRS Images Medias-Dir. Jean Michel Arnold, 3h05m34s Jean Mouette). Content (by sequence in the film): Sanchez, Chandrasekhar, Audouze, Cayrel, Grischuk, Fang Lizhi, Laberrigue, Pontecorvo, Turok, de Vega, Turner, Carr, Sadoulet, Silk, Smoot, Turner, Richards, Kibble, Turok, Khalatnikov, Schatzman, Bergmann, Zichichi.

– Film on the 1996 Chalonge School Course on Astrofundamental Physics, (ARTE Television, Online productions 1997, Francoise Wolff, Tristan Bourlard, 50m).

– Film of the 2006 Chalonge School Paris Nobel Conference: The Discovery of the Anisotropy of the CMB radiation (2h31m, Jean Mouette). George F. Smoot,
Nobel prize of physics 2006.
Including pionnering discussion on inflation and gravity waves. And the Chalonge Medal and its history.

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