Flat Asymptotia, Okinawa, Japan

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Date:  2021-03-15  -  2021-03-18

Location:  Okinawa, Japan

The holographic principle, a modern cornerstone in the understanding of quantum gravity, has been around for more than two decades now. Holography is often understood in spacetimes having a negative cosmological constant, via the AdS/CFT duality between gravity in D dimensions and gauge theory living in (D-1) dimensions.

Flat holography seeks to apply similar techniques to arrive at a deeper understanding of scattering processes in flat spacetime. As such, it constitutes a step away from the unrealistic case of negative cosmological constant, and towards quantum gravity in the real world.

In this workshop we will get to learn from the experts the multifaceted developments over the last few years on flat holography, and on the asymptotic symmetries that underlie it.