Hawking chair in Cosmology, Cambridge, UK

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Deadline:  2021-04-12

Location:  Cambridge, UK

The Advisory Committee to the Stephen W. Hawking Professorship of Cosmology invite applications for this Professorship from persons whose work falls within the broad field of cosmology which includes the analysis as to the origins of matter and of the universe, theoretical cosmology and gravitation, and all other fields of academic scholarship as may from time to time be generally considered cosmology and theoretical physics, to take up appointment on 1 October 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Candidates will have an outstanding research record of great international stature. They will have the vision, leadership, experience and enthusiasm to build on current strengths in maintaining and developing a leading research presence. They will hold a PhD or equivalent postgraduate qualification.

Standard professorial duties include teaching and research, examining, supervision and administration. The Professor will be based in Cambridge. A competitive salary will be offered.