Informational Architecture of Spacetime, Okinawa, Japan (hybrid online)

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Date:  2022-05-30  -  2022-06-03

Location:  Okinawa, Japan

The emerging information paradigm is leading to deep new insights into the structure of spacetime. Many results, in various approaches, suggest that its large-scale structure can be understood as emerging from quantum correlations of more fundamental degrees of freedom. An intriguing picture arises that portrays the architecture of spacetime as a network of quantum degrees of freedom exchanging information and in which quantum correlations assume the role of the “glue” that holds spacetime together. These insights not only hint at a universal emergence mechanism for spacetime structures, but also offer new perspectives on various established topics, including black holes, the dynamics of spacetime, spacetime thermodynamics, and information processing in spacetime. Drawing from multiple research areas, these developments have led to prolific cross-fertilizations and a novel multidisciplinary research community.

The Informational Architecture of Spacetime Workshop brings together leading experts at the interface of quantum gravity, quantum information theory, quantum many-body physics and quantum foundations to discuss contemporary research on understanding spacetime from an informational perspective. The following four main topics will be broadly covered during the meeting:

Black Holes and Information
Entanglement, Complexity and Geometry
Quantum Many-Body Techniques in Quantum Gravity
Quantum Information, Foundations and Spacetime

​Talks are by invitation only.

At present, we are aiming for a hybrid format with both in-person (mostly speakers and local audience) and online participation. Talks will be made available by livestream. Zoom links will be provided after registration.

Depending on the situation due to the covid-19 pandemic, the workshop may however be moved fully online. Relevant updates will be announced once available.