SageMath 9.6 is out

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The free Python-based computer algebra system SageMath 9.6 has been released on 15 May 2022; it includes differential geometry and tensor calculus tools developed through the SageManifolds project (; see the release tour for an overview of novelties.

Regarding calculus on manifolds, SageMath 9.6 brings new features:

– symplectic structures have been introduced: symplectic forms, Poisson bivectors, Hamiltonian vector fields, Poisson brackets, Liouville volume form, symplectic Hodge duality
– projective spaces are now included in the manifold catalog
– some performance improvements have been implemented and a few bug have been fixed

See for details and examples.

The following people have contributed to these new features:
Tobias Diez, Marius Gerbershagen, Eric Gourgoulhon, Michael Jung, Trevor K. Karn, Matthias Koeppe and Travis Scrimshaw.

See for installation instructions.

See also for video tutorials by Christian Baer (Institute of Mathematics, University of Potsdam) about manifolds in SageMath.