Foundations of Observational, Classical and Semi-Classical Gravitational Physics and The Problem of Agency and Laws of Nature, Munich, Germany

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Date:  2023-03-28  -  2023-03-31

Location:  Munich, Germany

*Idea and Motivation*

The conference of “Foundations of Gravitational Physics and The Problem of Agency and Laws of Nature” will address various topics in theoretical physics and foundations of physics, focusing on gravitational physics and on agency and physical laws. Invited physicists and philosophers have been chosen to represent different approaches to such topics (semi-classical gravity, holography, quantum gravity theories, foundations of physics) and to discuss different kinds of issues (locality, the nature of black hole entropy, approaches to the Information-Loss Paradox, the emergence of classicality in approaches to QG, quantum reference frames, epistemology and methodology of theory and of observation, ontology, inter alia), in an attempt to foster a dialogue among the different fields. Contributed talks from theoretical physicists, observational astronomers and philosophers will be chosen in part so as to complement the perspectives of the invited speakers.

Such a gathering will spur new, innovative approaches to the above mentioned problems, as well as connecting and invigorating work on existing approaches. It will also provide young researchers with a comprehensive introduction to the state of the art of the various central fields of research, and established researchers with a comprehensive overview.

*Confirmed Speakers*

Ana Alonso Serrano,
Goncalo Araujo-Regado
Ali Barzegar
Jibril Ben Achour
Caslav Brukner
Eugenia Colafranceschi
Gemma De las Quevas
Shep Doeleman
John Dougherty
Jamee Elder
Felix Finster
Henrique Gomes
Anne-Catherine de la Hamette
Vincent Lam
Niels Martens
Prahar Mitra
Siddharth Muthukrishnan
Ramesh Narayan
Daniele Pranzetti
Renato Renner
Marika Taylor
Jos Uffink

We are committed to fostering diversity and equality in our programs. Submissions from underrepresented groups are particularly welcome. The conference will be organized and run under the MCMP’s code of conduct

*Registration and venue*

The conference will be held in person. Please send registration requests by 15 March 2023 using the from on the conference website. There are no fees for the conference as well for the conference dinners.

*Dates and Deadlines*

Registration Deadline: 15 March 2023 Conference dinners will take place on Tuesday, the 28th of March and Thursday, the 30th of March. Conference venue: Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, room (D) Z003, 80539 Muenchen


Erik Curiel
Daniele Oriti
Manus Visser
Aron Wall

For information about practical matters and registration, please
contact one of the organisers.


The conference is supported by the Munich Center For Mathematical Philosophy, the LMU/Cambridge Strategic Partnership project on semi-classical gravity and black hole physics as well by the FQXi grant: “The Epistemic Nature of Physical Laws, From Intelligent Agents to Quantum Gravity and Cosmology”.