ISAPP School: Quantum Fluids in the Universe, Pisa, Italy

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Date:  2023-06-05  -  2023-06-15

Location:  Pisa, Italy

ISAPP School 2023
Aims of the school:
To provide a cross-disciplinary overview and the main tools to work on some of the main aspects of astroparticle physics where quantum collective properties of matter play a crucial role.
The initiative of this school springs also from the experience gained in the organization of the QFC (quantum fluids, fundamental interactions and cosmology conference series )

Planned courses and Lecturers:
* Properties of matter in neutron stars and GW emission – Lecturer: Armen Sedrakian (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies)
* Multimessenger observations of neutron stars – Lecturer: Samaya Nissanke (GRAPPA, Amsterdam Un.)
* Light dark matter candidates – Lecturer: Kfir Blum (Weizmann In.)
* Light dark matter search – Lecturer: Elisa Ferreira (Tokyo Un.)
* Light dark matter around black hole and its gravitational signature – Lecturer: Paolo Pani (Roma “la Sapienza” Un.)
* Simulation of gravity and GWs in Bose-Einstein condensates – Lecturer: Ivette Fuentes Guridi (Southampton Un.)
* Classical and quantum fluids in gravitational fields – Lecturer: Alberto Nicolis (Columbia Un.)