Infinity on a Gridshell: online registration, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Date:  2023-07-10  -  2023-07-13

Location:  Copenhagen, Denmark

The Research Group on Hyperboloidal Foliations is thrilled to invite you to the workshop “Infinity on a Gridshell,” focusing on the progress made in hyperboloidal methods – an essential tool in black-hole perturbation theory and various applications. The workshop will take place at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, from July 10 to July 13, 2023. We are excited to offer the opportunity to attend the workshop online.

Online Registration:

For additional information, please visit our website at the top of the post.

We look forward to your participation in the workshop!

Best regards,
The Scientific Organizing Committee: David Hilditch, Rodrigo Panosso Macedo, Alex Vano-Vinuales, and Anil Zenginoglu