Postdoc in Theoretical Multi-messenger Astrophysics, Hamburg, Germany

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Deadline:  2023-09-24

Location:  Hamburg, Germany

The postdoc position is financed as part of the ERC Advanced Grant “INSPIRATION: from Inspiral to Kilonova” which aims at the theoretical modeling of the multi-messenger signals of neutron star mergers. The particular focus will be the gravitational wave, electromagnetic and neutrino signals of the sources accessible to today’s and to future gravitational wave detectors. The successful candidate possesses expertise in the relevant areas of theoretical astrophysics (general relativity, hydrodynamics, nuclear equations of state, neutrino physics/transport, nuclear reactions and radiative transfer) and of computational physics/supercomputing. Candidates with demonstrated expertise in the numerical modeling of neutrino transport and/or general relativistic hydrodynamics are particularly encouraged to apply.

Postdoctoral research associates will have their own travel budget and access to excellent computing facilities. Moreover they will profit from the inspiring science environment of and the ample scientific expertise within the Cluster of Excellence “Quantum Universe”,

The application deadline is September 24, 2023.

For more information please contact Stephan Rosswog under stephan.rosswog[AT]

For more details and for instructions how to apply please use the following link: