CosmoVerse@Krakow, Krakow, Poland

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Date:  2024-07-09  -  2024-07-11

Location:  Krakow, Poland

CosmoVerse@Krakow (9 July – 11 July 2024) is the second annual conference in a series of conferences that aim to establish a link between the different research areas in cosmology with the main focus on challenges of tensions in cosmological survey data.

This conference is organized within the COST Action initiative CA21136 – Addressing observational tensions in cosmology with systematics and fundamental physics (CosmoVerse). Learn more about CosmoVerse action at

The first conference called CosmoVerse@Lisbon 2023 took place in Lisbon. All of the recorded talks and presentations are public at (

Main topics:

Observational cosmology and Systematics (cross-correlation of data, systematic effects)
Data analysis (astrostatistics; data science in astronomy; Bayesian analysis; machine learning and artificial intelligence)
Fundamental Physics (challenge of the cosmological hypothesis, dark energy and modified gravity, neutrino physics, dark energy, and dark matter interaction)