CosmoVerseSchool@Corfu: From Fundamental Physics to Data Analysis in Cosmology, Corfu, Greece

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Date:  2024-05-13  -  2024-05-18

Location:  Corfu, Greece

CosmoVerseSchool@Corfu is the first School by the CosmoVerse COST Action and will centre on the interface of data analysis and fundamental physics in cosmology. Within CosmoVerse, this will feature the intersection of intersection of Working Groups 2 (Data Analysis in Cosmology) and 3 (Fundamental Physics) (see for more information). The School will cover lectures and training in the latest cosmology simulation code, together with the integration of new fundamental physics models and their use in these implementations.

Cosmological tensions
Early Dark Energy
Neutrino cosmology
Horndeski theory
Data analysis and cosmological simulations
Machine learning in cosmology

Funding: The School has no registration for all participants. The CosmoVerse COST Action will provide funding (travel/subsistence) to a number of students in attendance. However, if alternative funding is available, we ask that students take this into consideration. The funding consists of the reimbursement of the flight costs and a daily allowance. More details and conditions can be found on the COST Rules, pp. 82-86.