PAFT24 – Current Problems in Theoretical Physics: Quantum Gravity and Information, Vietri sul Mare, Italy

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Date:  2024-03-24  -  2024-03-27

Location:  Vietri Sul Mare, Italy

The interplay between gravitational physics and quantum mechanics is one of the least understood areas of theoretical physics, which has attracted interest since the middle of the last century. Over the past decades there have been several interesting developments and promising new ideas have been proposed, which aim to achieve a deeper understanding of the distance/energy regimes in which both gravitational and quantum effects are expected to be relevant.

The main objective of the conference “PAFT24 – Quantum Gravity and Information” is to bring together theoretical physicists and phenomenologists who are experts in complementary fields of classical gravity, high energy physics, quantum mechanics, and, in particular, quantum information.

The conference will include not only seminars but also moments of debate to explore the various topics that will be addressed, to give space to a constructive exchange of ideas, but also to encourage new collaborations.