Physics and Astrophysics at the eXtreme workshop (PAX IX), London, UK

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Date:  2024-07-23  -  2024-07-25

Location:  London, United Kingdom

The 9th Physics and Astrophysics at the eXtreme workshop (PAX IX) will be held at King’s College London from 23 – 25 July 2024. Sessions will take place in central London, at the historic Bush House general auditorium.

The goal of this workshop is to explore how the ongoing and upcoming observations of gravitational and electromagnetic waves can help us understand physics at the extreme — strong gravitational fields, dark matter, nuclear physics, cosmology, and multimessenger astrophysics. Another focus will be to recognize challenges while conducting science with the next-generation of gravitational wave detectors.

PAX is largely a discussion-based workshop with a very strong involvement of participants. The workshop will consist of panel discussions organized around a small number of presentations to identify important areas for research and foster new collaborations based on the deliberations of the workshop.

If you are able to attend please register by the 1st of May 2024 using this link:

To enhance discussion and engagement, the participants list is capped at 100, including SOC members and panelists.

SOC members:
Lionel London (chair)
Anuradha Gupta (co-chair)
Bangalore Sathyaprakash
Greg Ashton
Emanuele Berti
Alessandra Bounanno
Marica Branchesi
Katy Clough
Tanja Hinderer
Krishnendu N V
Salvatore Vitale