Summer School on High Energy Theory / Cosmology, Petnica, Serbia

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Date:  2024-08-01  -  2024-08-10

Location:  Petnica, Serbia

Petnica Summer Institute (PSI) aims to provide lectures to undergraduate and early graduate students by senior PhD students, young postdocs and researchers. PSI is organized every summer in Petnica Science Center (Valjevo, Serbia) and covers a wide range of topics in theoretical physics and astrophysics. This year we are for the first time organizing two summer schools in parallel. One school is on High Energy Theory and the other on Cosmology (supported by SISSA, Trieste).

The aim: The schools aim to provide intensive and thorough courses on a broad range of topics in the field of high energy theory and cosmology. The schools are not limited only to lectures, but will also include daily discussion sessions, problem solving and independent work.

For whom: The schools are intended for senior undergraduate and early graduate (MSc / junior PhD) students mainly from the region of Southeast Europe. However, all lectures will be given in English, so we also welcome students from anywhere abroad.

Application procedure: In order to apply, please fill the form on the website . One letter of recommendation should be sent to psi (at) directly by a referee. The application deadline is: May 19th, 2024. Please make sure that the letter of recommendation is sent by May 19th at the latest! Late applications will be considered in case of available places, but the applicants will not be granted any financial support. The full expenses for meals and accommodation are 400 Euros per participant. The organizers will be able to provide a partial or full financial support for a number of students, with priority given to students from the Balkans region/Southeast Europe.

Topics (High Energy Theory): Aspects of QFT at Finite Temperature; Introduction to Conformal Field Theories; Black Hole Physics; Introduction to AdS/CFT correspondence; 2d Quantum Gravity

Lecturers (High Energy Theory): Andreas Blommaert (SISSA, Trieste); Lorenzo Di Pietro (University of Trieste); Roberto Emparan (University of Barcelona); Kyriakos Papadodimas (CERN, Geneva) [TBC]; Balt van Rees (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris) [TBC]

Topics (Cosmology): Introduction to Cosmology; Early Universe Physics; Inflation; Cosmic Microwave Background; Large-Scale Structure of the Universe; Numerical Simulations and Machine Learning in Cosmology

Lecturers (Cosmology): Mateja Bosković (DESY, Hamburg); Valentina Danieli (SISSA, Trieste); Enea Di Dio (University of Geneva); Pranjal Ralegankar (SISSA, Trieste); Marko Simonović (University of Florence); Zvonimir Vlah (RBI, Zagreb); TBA