Developments, Problems, and Extensions of Electrodynamics, Bad Honnef, Germany

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Date:  2024-08-18  -  2024-08-23

Location:  Bad Honnef, Germany

Without electromagnetic fields no observations could be made and no instrument would work. This holds for the classical as well as the quantum sector of physics. Electromagnetism is the most intensely studied and used system in physics, and we have it well under control in all technical applications, including quantum optics and the new quantum technologies. However, there are still aspects of the physics of the electromagnetic field to be investigated, and there are also open problems in the understanding and consistent description of all electromagnetic phenomena, like problems in the radiation reaction of charged particles and divergence in the self energy.

Some of these problems could be solved by, e.g., non-linear, non-local or non-homogeneos (massive) extensions of the Maxwell equations. Furthermore, theories of quantum gravity also are expected to modifiy fundamental equations such as the Maxwell equations. Accordingly, it is very reasonable and timely to discuss general extensions of the Maxwell equations in a systematic way and to explore possible effects on laboratory up to astrophysical and cosmological scales. This is the topic of this binational WE-Heraeus-seminar.

For all participants, complimentary on-site and full-board accommodation is provided by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation, and there is no conference fee. Please note that the total number of participants is limited. Please note also that for postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and graduate students it is mandatory to present a poster and, thus, to submit an abstract.