Title Location Deadline Tags
PhD position in gravitational physics at the RTG Models of Gravity Uni Bielefeld/ Uni Bremen ZARM/ Uni Oldenburg, Germany 2017-12-15
Two lectureships in Theoretical Physics, Cambridge, UK Cambridge, UK 2018-01-08
Two postdoc positions in primordial cosmology at IAP, Paris, France Paris, France 2017-12-01
Research associate in theoretical and computational astrophysics at Michigan State University, USA East Lansing, Michigan, USA 2018-01-08
HKUST – SUSTech Joint PhD Program in Classical and Quantum Gravity, String Theory, and Cosmology, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China Shenzhen and Hong Kong (China) 2017-11-30
Postdoctoral positions Cosmology, Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa 2018-01-05
PhD studentship in gravitational wave data analysis at Nikhef, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2018-01-03
Tenure-Track/Tenure Group Leader position at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam Potsdam 2017-12-15
Ph.D. and Postdoc positions in Gravitational Wave Physics at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Phsyics, Potsdam, Germany Potsdam, Germany 2017-12-15 ,
ICG Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at University of Portsmouth, UK Portsmouth UK 2018-01-05
Dennis Sciama Research Fellow in Gravitational Wave Science at ICG, Portsmouth, UK Portsmouth, UK 2018-01-05
Assistant Professor in Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA Gainesville, FL 32611, USA 2017-11-15
Fudan-FAU Joint Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Gravity, Shanghai, China – Boca Raton, USA Shanghai, China - Boca Raton, USA 2017-12-15
Postdoctoral position in numerical relativity and gravitational wave sources modeling at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, USA Boca Raton, FL, USA 2017-12-01
Henry Skynner Research Fellowship in Astrophysics (Balliol College) Oxford, UK Oxford, UK 2017-11-30
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Theoretical Cosmology and Gravitational Physics, Oxford, UK Oxford, UK 2017-11-30
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Theoretical Cosmology (Beecroft Fellowship, two posts), Oxford, UK Oxford, UK 2017-11-30
Post-Doctoral Scholar Position in Gravitational Wave Physics, Penn State Penn State, University Park, PA USA 2017-12-15
Postdoctoral Fellow at the eXtreme Gravity Institute, Bozeman, Montana (2nd announcement) Bozeman, United States 2017-12-01
Postdoctoral positions in theoretical gravitational-wave science including numerical relativity, Caltech Pasadena, CA, USA 2017-11-15
Assistant Professor in Gravitational Physics, Oakland University, USA Rochester Michigan, USA 2017-12-01
Postdoctoral position at Albert Einstein Institute, Hannover, Germany Hannover, Germany 2017-11-30
Group Leader/Tenure track position at AEI Hannover, Germany Hannover, Germany 2017-11-30
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cosmology, Oslo, Norway Oslo, Norway 2017-12-22
Associate Professorship in Cosmology, Oslo, Norway Oslo, Norway 2018-01-01
CITA National Fellowship postdoctoral position at the University of Alberta, Canada Edmonton, Canada 2017-11-01
Lecturer in Numerical Relativity, London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 2017-11-12
Postdoc opportunities in General Relativity, Dublin City University, Ireland Dublin, Ireland 2017-11-10
Postdoctoral positions in theoretical physics at UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico 2017-12-31
Postdoctoral research fellow, Tucson, Arizona, USA Tucson, AZ, USA 2019-12-01