2018 Giulio Rampa Thesis Prize for Outstanding Research in General Relativity

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Giulio Rampa Thesis Prize for outstanding research in General Relativity will be presented to Dr. Davide Gerosa and to Dr. Jan Ostrowski.

The committee consisting of Profs. Lars Andersson, Mauro Carfora, Gerhard Huisken, Luciano Rezzolla, prepared the following laudationes:

“Dr. Gerosa’s Ph.D. Thesis on “Source modelling at the dawn of gravitational-wave astronomy” shows an impressive ability to master a rather broad range of topics in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational wave physics. The research initiated by Dr. Gerosa in these areas has triggered follow-up work, providing new important insights and new physical scenarios. The large impact that the work of Dr. Gerosa has already had can only continue to grow.”

“Dr.Ostrowski’s Ph.D. Thesis on “Mass function of galaxy clusters in inhomogeneous relativistic Cosmology” established him as a leading researcher in the field of inhomogeneous relativistic cosmology, i.e. the approach in cosmology where the epoch of nonlinear structure formation needs to be studied employing general relativity together with the “background” rather than separately. Dr. Ostrowski has revealed an impressive stamina in addressing this crucial theme, and his results will have a significant importance for the interpretation of data in the forthcoming era of precision cosmology.”

In recognition of the high quality of the nominations received, the Committee has also decided to award an honourable mention to the outstanding Ph.D. research carried out by Benito A. Juarez Aubry in the Thesis “Asymptotics in the time-dependent Hawking and Unruh effects, and to Sumanta Chakraborty for the Thesis “Classical and Quantum Aspects of Gravity in Relation to the Emergent Paradigm”.

The prize is sponsored by The University of Pavia and by the Italian Society for Relativity and Gravitational Physics (SIGRAV) to honor the memory of Giulio Rampa and is given, every two years, to a graduate student for outstanding research in general relativity. The prize has been established in 2011, and is endowed under the terms of a donation from Nadia and Giorgio Rampa.

Each GRT prize carries a certificate and a net check for EUR 2,000. The prizes will be presented to Davide Gerosa and Jan Ostrowski at the 23rd edition of the “Italian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV) Conference” to be held at the Hotel Flamingo in Santa Margherita di Pula, (Cagliari), Italy, 9-15 September 2018 (http://sigrav2018.ca.infn.it). This is the biennial Conference of the Italian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV) devoted to all aspects of gravitational physics. The Rampa Prize winners will have the opportunity to present their work during a special session of the conference. The winners will also be announced during the annual Honours Ceremony during the Inauguration of the Graduate Studies Academic Year in Pavia, in December 2018.

Gravity Research Foundation, Awards for Essays for 2018

Roger W. Babson, FOUNDER
George M. Rideout, Jr. President

The trustees are pleased to announce the Awards for Essays for 2018.

1. $4,000 – Gravity’s Universality: The Physics Underlying Tolman Temperature Gradients by Jessica Santiago and Matt Visser, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Victoria University of Wellington; PO Box 600, Wellington 6140, New Zealand; e-mail: jessica.santiago[AT]sms.vuw.ac.nz, matt.visser[AT]sms.vuw.ac.nz

2. $1,250 – A Microscopic Model for an Emergent Cosmological Constant by Alejandro Perez[1], Daniel Sudarsky[2], and James D. Bjorken[3], [1]Aix Marseille Univ, Universite’ de Toulon, CNRS, CPT, Marseille, France, [2]Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional, Autónoma de Mexico, Mexico, D.F. 04510, Mexico, [3]SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94309; e-mail: perez[AT]cpt.univ-mrs.fr, sudarsky[AT]nucleares.unam.mx, bjbjorken[AT]gmail.com

3. $1,000 – GR and Classical Mechanics: Magic? by Ezra Newman, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15213; e-mail: newman[AT]pitt.edu

4. $750 – The Kinetic Theory of the Mesoscopic Spacetime by T. Padmanabhan, IUCAA, Pune University Campus, Ganeshkhind, Pune – 411 007, India; e-mail: paddy[AT]iucaa.in

5. $500 – The Holographic Space-time Model of Cosmology by Tom Banks[1] and W. Fischler[2], [1]NHETC and Department of Physics, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019, [2]Department of Physics and Texas Cosmology Center, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712; e-mail: tibanks[AT]ucsc.edu, fischler[AT]physics.utexas.edu

Selected for Honorable Mention this year were (listed in alphabetical order): Ana Alonso-Serrano, Mariusz P. Dabrowski, and Hussain Gohar; Sudarshan Ananth, Lars Brink, and Sucheta Majumdar; Swastik Bhattacharya and S. Shankaranarayanan; Jens Boos; Subenoy Chakraborty and Subhra Bhattacharya; Chiang- Mei Chen, Jian-Liang Liu, and James M. Nester; Christian Corda; Saurya Das, Mir Faizal, and Elias C. Vagenas; Eric Dupuis and M. B. Paranjape; Joshua Erlich; C. Fairoos, Avirup Ghosh, and Sudipta Sarkar; Arthur E Fischer; Steven B. Giddings; Andri Gretarsson, Preston Jones, and Douglas Singleton; D. Grumiller and M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari; Richard T Hammond; Shahar Hod; Olaf Hohm; Sabine Hossenfelder and Tobias Mistele; Michael J. Kavic, Djordje Minic, and John Simonetti; Swanand Khanapurkar and Tejinder P. Singh; Stefano Lucat, Tomislav Prokopec, and Bogumila Swiezewska; Emil J. Martinec; Samir D. Mathur; Tim R. Morris; Joan Sola Peracaula; Fabrizio Pinto; Nikodem Poplawski; R. H. Sanders; W. M. Stuckey, Timothy McDevitt, A. K. Sten, and Michael Silberstein; Angelo Tartaglia; C. S. Unnikrishnan and George T. Gillies; Tanmay Vachaspati and George Zahariade; Yong Xiao.

This announcement and abstracts of award-winning and honorable mention essays will be posted when ready on our web site, http://www.gravityresearchfoundation.org. The five award-winning essays will be published in a special issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics D (IJMPD). They will also be posted at a later date on our web site.