International Master in Mathematical Physics at Leipzig University, Germany

Following the footprints of famous former professors such as W. Heisenberg, F. Klein or F. Bloch in our new 2-year master course students learn general principles of mathematics and theoretical physics, in-depth knowledge on selected topics and do independent research under the guidance of a professor. By solving complex problems and transferring concepts to related fields, the students prepare for a job in academia or industry and economy.

Special features:
– international – English as course language
– interdisciplinary – joint initiative of Mathematics and Physics departments
– forefront research – supported by the local Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
– no tuition fees; semester fee of 220 EUR

Students can shape the program along their own preferences! We offer a wide range of courses on:
– Dynamical Systems
– Differential Geometry
– Stochastic Processes
– Gravity and Cosmology
– Condensed and Soft Matter
– Partial Differential Equations
– Particles and Quantum Fields

We would be more than happy to welcome interested students in our vibrant city with a rich cultural scene, affordable housing and a lot of green spaces and nearby lakes. The course starts annually in October. Application deadlines (May 31st – September 15th) depend on the current degree of the applicant. For more details, please refer to our program website:

Master in Mathematical Physics, Tuebingen, Germany

We are very proud to announce the new international master program in Mathematical Physics that will start in Tuebingen in October 2017. It is a 2 year master program jointly run by the mathematics and the physics departments, the application deadline is 15th of July 2017. The program is centered around the core modules Geometry in Physics, Mathematical Relativity, Mathematical Quantum Mechanics, and Mathematical Statistical Physics. More information as well as a poster and a flyer can be found on the program website

We would be very thankful if you could forward this information to your colleagues and to any undergraduate students who might be interested in applying.

14th Regional Conference on Mathematical Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan

The 14th Regional Conference on Mathematical Physics is being organized at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan by the Departments of Mathematics and Physics, from November 9 – 14, 2015 .

This is an international meeting. The subject of talks will cover a wide range of topics in theoretical and mathematical physics including conformal field theory, gravitation and cosmology, superstring theory, phenomenology of high energy physics, condensed matter physics and plasma physics. Celebrating the centenary of general relativity in 2015, we will have a particular focus on this field.

Additional information:

Contact: saifullah[AT]