Title Location Start Date End Date URL
IHP Trimester 2018: Analytics, Inference, and Computation in Cosmology, Paris, France Paris, France 2018-09-03 2018-12-14 url
The 8th East Asian Numerical Astrophysics Meeting, Tainan, Taiwan Tainan, Taiwan 2018-10-22 2018-10-26 url
Relativistic Quantum Information North 2018, Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria 2018-09-24 2018-09-27 url
Inhomogeneous Cosmologies III, Krakow, Poland Krakow, Poland 2018-09-16 2018-09-21 url
European Einstein Toolkit meeting 2018, Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal 2018-09-10 2018-09-13 url
Quantum Gravity meets Lattice QFT, Trento, Italy Trento, Italy 2018-09-03 2018-09-07 url
23rd International Summer School on Global Analysis and Applications, Brasov, Romania Brasov, Romania 2018-08-20 2018-08-24 url
Physics and Astrophysics at the eXtreme (PAX IV), Pune, India Pune, India 2018-08-07 2018-08-10 url
Hundred Years of Gauge Theory, Bad Honnef, Germany Bad Honnef, Germany 2018-07-30 2018-08-03 url
COSPAR 42 – Scientific Event H0.5 – Fundamental Physics in Space, Applications – 1st announcement Pasadena, CA, USA 2018-07-14 2018-07-22 url
Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation (BSCG-XVII), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2018-07-16 2018-07-21 url
Workshop on Frontiers in Gravitation, Astrophysics, and Cosmology, Kolymbari Crete, Greece Kolymbari Crete, Greece 2018-07-04 2018-07-12 url
Fifteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity (MG15, update), Rome, Italy Rome, Italy 2018-07-01 2018-07-07 url
2nd Institute of Space Sciences Summer School on “Gravitational Wave Astronomy”, Barcelona, Spain Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona, Spain 2018-07-02 2018-07-06 url
Information Universe Conference, Groningen, The Netherlands Groningen, the Netherlands 2018-07-03 2018-07-06 url
21st Capra meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity, Potsdam, Germany Potsdam-Golm, Germany 2018-06-25 2018-06-29 url
Teleparallel Gravity Workshop, Tartu, Estonia Tartu, Estonia 2018-06-25 2018-06-29 url
IX International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry, Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland 2018-06-17 2018-06-24 url
Third IUCSS Summer School and Workshop on the Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension, Bloomington, Indiana, USA Bloomington, Indiana, USA 2018-06-15 2018-06-23 url
Dublin School on Gravitational Wave Source Modelling Dublin, Ireland 2018-06-11 2018-06-22 url
Quantum spacetime and the Renormalization Group, Bad Honnef, Germany Bad Honnef, Germany 2018-06-18 2018-06-22 url
MetroAeroSpace2018 – Special Session on “Relativistic Metrology”, Rome, Italy (1st announcement) Roma 2018-06-20 2018-06-22 url
Reduced order modeling for gravitational waves, Potsdam, Germany Potsdam, Germany 2018-06-18 2018-06-22 url
2018 Rotman Summer Institute in Philosophy of Cosmology, Goderich, Canada Goderich, Canada 2018-06-11 2018-06-20 url
2018 North American Einstein Toolkit Workshop, Atlanta, United States Atlanta, United States 2018-06-18 2018-06-20 url
The Sound of Spacetime: The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Science, MITP Mainz, Germany MITP Mainz, Germany 2018-06-04 2018-06-15 url
Numerical Relativity beyond General Relativity, Benasque, Spain Benasque, Spain 2018-06-03 2018-06-09 url
The Mathematics of Gravity and Light, Rhode Island, USA Whispering Pines, Rhode Island, USA 2018-06-03 2018-06-09 url
Numerical Relativity beyond General Relativity, Benasque, Spain (2nd announcement) Benasque, Spain 2018-06-03 2018-06-09 url
GEMMA (Gravitational-waves, ElectroMagnetic and dark MAtter) Physics Workshop, Lecce, Italy Lecce, Italy 2018-06-04 2018-06-07 url