Inhomogeneous Cosmologies, Torun, Poland

During 2-7 July 2017 we are gathering experts in inhomogeneous cosmology for a small workshop of about 30 participants at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, the town where Copernicus was born. We wish to map out the most promising directions for analytical, numerical and observational investigations aimed to take into account both structure formation and cosmological expansion within the constraints of general relativity. A key motivating theme will be to discuss the claim, already investigated in numerous peer-reviewed papers, that “dark energy” as inferred from observations is an artefact of assuming an average Friedmannian expansion. New techniques in numerical relativity are beginning to open new perspectives on these questions. We expect vigorous, constructive debate between “one-percenters” and “order-unity” proponents, and practical hands-on sessions of free-licensed inhomogeneous cosmology
software packages.

We will post a formal announcement and registration details by early 2017 at

Contact: cosmotorun17 at

Organising committee: Boud Roukema, Thomas Buchert, Krzysztof Bolejko, Mikolaj Korzynski, Jan Ostrowski, Sebastian Szybka, David Wiltshire

Special Issue on “Phenomenological Aspects of Quantum Gravity and Modified Theories of Gravity”

Dear Colleagues,

A Special Issue on “Phenomenological Aspects of Quantum Gravity and Modified Theories of Gravity” will be published in the Journal “Advances in High Energy Physics” in September 2016.

You can find the Call for Papers for this Special Issue at

Submission deadline is 6 May 2016.

Cordially Yours,

Lead Guest Editor: Ahmed Farag Ali (Benha University, Egypt)

Guest Editors: Giulia Gubitosi (Imperial College London, London, UK), Mir Faizal (Waterloo University, Waterloo, Canada), Barun Majumder (Montana State University, Bozeman, USA)

9th TRR33 Winter School, Passo del Tonale, Italy

The school will cover topics relevant to the research subjects of the TRR33 network. The aim is to bring together observation and theory: “Theory for Observers and Observations for Theorists”.

Overview lectures:
David Mota, ITA – University of Oslo

In depth topics:
Observation of Large Scale Structure of the Universe: David Bacon, ICG Portsmouth
Non-linear evolution of Large Scale Structure: Diego Blas, CERN
Science Communication: Anais Rassat, EPFL Lausanne
Dark Matter: Pat Scott, Imperial College London
Beyond the LCDM model: Alessandra Silvestri, Lorentz Institute Leiden

Registration is OPEN: the deadline is 15th October 2015. To register, please visit our website:

Given the large number of applications we strongly suggest an early registration, well in advance of the deadline. Note that we will accept a maximum of 40 participants.

Please email us with any further questions at[AT]

Follow us on our Facebook page
or on twitter using the hashtag #trr33tonale for announcements and reminders

Please check the homepage of the school for more information:

See you in Tonale!
the Organizing Committee

Yashar Akrami,
Matteo Costanzi,
Matteo Martinelli,
Matteo Maturi,
Valeria Pettorino,
Georg Wolschin,
Miguel Zumalacárregui

New book: “Introduction to General Relativity, Black Holes and Cosmology”, by Y. Choquet-Bruhat

Dear Colleagues in General Relativity

To please the kind staff of Oxford University Press, and myself, I send you as propaganda for my last book “Introduction to General Relativity, Black Holes and Cosmology”, whose details can also be found at this website:

With best wishes to all

Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat

New focus issue on string cosmology free to read in CQG

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that the new Classical and Quantum Gravity (CQG) focus issue on string cosmology is now free to read online.

This issue includes 10 specially invited papers from some of the top researchers in the field.

Guest Edited by Dr Vijay Balasubramanian and Professor Paulo Moniz, the focus issue appraises recent applications of string-theoretic and string-inspired ideas to the cosmos. The articles in this issue also survey a number of potentially promising directions for the future.

With best wishes,

Adam Day
Classical and Quantum Gravity

Read the latest CQG focus section on inhomogeneous cosmological models and averaging in cosmology

CQG’s latest focus section on inhomogeneous cosmological models and averaging in cosmology is now available to read on the CQG website:

The issue was edited by CQG Board Members Lars Andersson and Alan Coley.

The special section focuses on the physical state of the present universe and the problem of going beyond perturbation theory. The following topics are covered:
– a general overview and a discussion of the relevant issues;
– inhomogeneous cosmological models (including non-Copernican models);
– the current observations and physics of the universe and
– averaging and backreaction.

I would like to thank the guest editors and all of the authors and referees of the focus section for their contributions to this excellent issue of Classical and Quantum Gravity.

Yours sincerely

Adam Day
Classical and Quantum Gravity